“The term ‘unborn’ implies that there is a baby inside a pregnant woman, not a fetus. Babies are not babies until they are born. They’re fetuses. Incorrectly calling a fetus a ‘baby’ or ‘the unborn’ is part of the strategy used by antiabortion groups...”
“Babies are not babies until they are born. They’re fetuses.” This article does a lot to explain why our abortion debate is utterly dysfunctional. A mainstream outlet openly articulating its policy for manipulating language to disguise what abortion is
You can tell bias is at work in news coverage when journalists are told to steer away from brief descriptive terms in common use toward longer jargon-filled language. This abortion guidance is a perfect example.
We're all familiar with NPR's ideological bias. NPR denies it but scarcely goes out of its way to conceal it. Still it's stunning to see it officially set out. This is what lack of viewpoint diversity does to an organization that purports to be unbiased.
Kinda disappointing when takes its style guide cues from