Don't look now, but is suddenly a top-tier candidate.
de Blasio's net favorable/unfavorable rating in new Quinnipiac poll is -37. 🤣 Biden +10 (49/39) Buttigieg +4 (23/19) Harris -3 (27/30) Sanders -7 (41/48) Booker -8 (23/31) Warren -9 (32/41) O'Rourke -12 (20/32) de Blasio -37 (8/45)
These numbers for de Blasio are about the worst I've see for a non-scandal'd politician. I mean these can't be right... Can they?
New NATIONAL POLL from (this counts for the early Democratic primary debate stages) Biden 35% Sanders 16% Warren 13% Harris 8% Buttigieg 5% Everyone else at or below 3 percent
Stat of the day: Elizabeth Warren now leading Sanders among the most-liberal voters, per the new Qpiac poll. In third at 13% overall. Among very liberal Ds: Warren 30, Sanders 22, Biden 19. Among moderates: Biden 48, Sanders 10, Warren 6.
Net Favorability: Biden: +10 Buttigieg: +4 Harris: -3 Sanders: -7 Booker: -8 Warren: -9 O'Rourke: -12 Yes, Trump is unpopular. But so are a lot of Dems, even before Fox has spent years attacking them. Dems must not take a victory in 2020 for granted.
Quinnipiac: "The total 71 percent for "excellent" and "good" is the highest total number for American voter attitudes on the economy in almost 18 years."
Q poll shows candidate favorability dropping since December: Biden: 53-33% in Dec to 49-39 now Sanders: 44-42% in Dec to 41-48 now Harris, Beto, Warren, Booker also all underwater
In new national Q poll, leads & among VERY LIBERAL. But drops to 4th behind among SOMEWHAT LIBERAL.
Today’s Q-poll headline is "Good Feelings On Economy Don't Help Trump”. The point is rating of the economy is very good while Trump approval is 38-57 (48-45 on handling economy). I agree on that comparison, but have a dissent on the headline. 1/
#HANNITY: Trump is good for the economy, so why won’t the media give the president credit? Maybe their blind rage and hate for President Trump is the problem? You decide!
There's a long time for this to change. but for now... Fav/Unfav (among WWC, fav unfav) Biden 49/39 (37/51) Sanders 41/48 (31/61) Warren 32/41 (19/53) Harris 27/30 (17/41)
Also: Bernie's luster wearing off as more people hear about him. First time in its history that Bernie has net negative favorability (41-48, -7 net fav).
Another interesting finding from Q: The Dems that are paying the most attention to the 2020 campaign are the most supportive of Biden (42%). Bernie leads among those paying the least attention.
Oh, and Beto O'Rourke down to TWO percent in the Q poll.