Will Avenatti be a media inflection point? His bullying, bordering on abuse, seemed to be an open - and tolerated - secret, as per reporting
Avenatti is exactly what you think behind the scenes
Would love to know which prime-time anchor knew Avenatti was this big of a dirtbag at the time
So not only did CNN and MSNBC give Avenatti a platform that he exploited to make more money, but they did nothing when he berated and intimidated their employees.
“My attorneys thought this was a terrible idea and that I should not do it under any circumstances,” Michael Avenatti told me at the beginning of our interview, the day after prosecutors handed down a 36-count indictment. We did it anyway
Incredible to read about how terrible Avenatti was on TV sets and to reporters and STILL was consistently booked on CNN and MSNBC. They knew what he was.
“I told them I appreciated the fact that I wasn’t treated like Roger Stone,” Avenatti told me, “and that CNN was not outside waiting for me.”
"All publicity is good publicity." Anyone who believes this, or who acts on the logic of that statement, is an idiot, and should be treated as an idiot.
Wow: When FBI agents arrested Michael Avenatti, they did it in the mall at Hudson Yards, near the Blue Bottle Coffee, and they managed to handcuff him and get him out of the building without drawing public attention.
“One such client was a paraplegic man who had reached a $4 mil agreement to settle a case related to his injuries but had not received the $. Avenatti allegedly deposited some of the settlement into a personal account associated with his car-racing team.”
Inside the Epic Fall of Michael Avenatti. “I Flew Too Close to the Sun. No Question. Icarus” Great story by
Beset by troubles, Michael Avenatti sometimes relives the golden days of 2018. He got to sit with Rachel, with Anderson, and talk to millions! 'He would wake up every day and want to pinch himself because he couldn’t believe what was happening.'
The cable news networks loved Michael Avenatti and invited him on again and again and again, even as he behaved atrociously toward their staff. (Lower downs -- never the talent!) From Vanity Fair:
“It felt like we were enabling a total rage-oholic. It was pathological.”