This was an uplifting conversation with my fellow introvert who's done so much to champion the cause of introverts worldwide in workplaces, schools and relationships. (And yes, extroverts, this is for you too.)
this visit to the #TheTedInterview with anderson, the head of , was an incredibly challenging - and therefore amazing - conversation. we covered the deepest connections between self, “work”, art and more. such an honor. thanks chris.
New episode of #TheTEDInterview features on the search for meaning in both our lives and our broken politics.
Really important point made by in latest episode of #TheTEDInterview ...
Announcing: the release of my interview with on #TheTEDInterview podcast! A great honor, it was.
Latest episode of #TheTEDInterview features Andy McAfee who is so compelling on how our economy is going to be transformed by technology... for better and worse. We talk AI, Robots, productivity, UBI, and the future of capitalism itself.
Giant issues shaping our future: AI, US-China rivalry, our coming economy... they're all here from the brilliant mind of in the latest episode of #TheTEDInterview. Enjoy... and tell me what you think.
New episode of #TheTEDInterview with . I found her incredibly compelling on artistic courage, truth-telling and new ways for artists to fund a career. Please share!
There are shocking implications in 's vivid description of AI progress in the new episode of #TheTEDInterview. But there's also this quote, which is the basis of some surprising predictions about new forms of work that will emerge.