The most religious women in America express the highest sexual satisfaction. Wait. What? Pop culture and parts of the academy got an awful lot wrong
The most sexually satisfied wives in America? Religious wives. They are about 50% more likely to report they are "strongly" satisfied with their sexual relationship, compared to other wives. on our new study:
New study: Want toe curling sex? Ditch the hookup culture. Instead, find God & get married.
When I posted this yesterday, a number of folks on this website got truly angry at the very idea that very religious people could report the highest degree of sexual satisfaction. But it shouldn’t be surprising or enraging at all. It makes sense
No surprise here. If we believe God created our sexuality for His glory, then our sexuality takes on sacred dignity and joyful — yes, playful — purpose *far better* than our own made-up notions. We do have problems, but God isn’t one of them.
Religious couples are the most blissful of all. via
Sexual liberation has all too often brought neither sex nor liberation.
: Striking that those who are most distanced from the values, norms & behaviors of the sexual revolution are: The most likely to report they are "strongly" satisfied with their sexual relationship:
Funny how the men & women most distant from the pornified sex depicted in story today happen to be the *most* satisfied with their sex lives
David French: The Sexual Revolutionaries Got Sexual Satisfaction All Wrong
"[How] many wonkish progressives—the very people most likely to share charts & graphs about the effects of public policies or to pass around the latest social science about race, gender & gender identity—will dwell on charts such as these"?