BETWEEN TWO SCORPIONS, a new thriller called "powerful, real, and relevant" by , "taut, vivid, and engrossing" by former FBI special agent , with a "biting sensibility" says . Ships June 11, preorder now!
So, uh, I’ve got some news… #BetweenTwoScorpions
The best birthday present you can get -- besides, possibly, a hangover-cure recipe -- is to buy his excellent new novel, #BetweenTwoScorpions. Of course, you give it to yourself. That said, we wish a happy birthday to His Morning Joltness.
The Darvaza Crater in Turkmenistan is a 225-foot-wide flaming pit of natural gas, created by accident, that has burned continuously since 1971. No one knows when it will burn out - and the locals call it “the Gates of Hell." #BetweenTwoScorpions
If you thought was just a brilliant writer for you'd be wrong. He's also a thriller writer, and his latest book, BETWEEN TWO SCORPIONS, drops on 11 June. Pre-order here.
My friend has a new book coming out. I've had a sneak peak and trust me: you're going to want to order it. It's perfect summer beach reading: a modern adventure with a sense of humour. You won't put it down. Do your pre-order now. C'mon.
Notorious says #BetweenTwoScorpions offers "wicked humor & clever pop culture references that would make Dennis Miller beam with pride... terrific, w/ a trippy ending that will leave you eager for a sequel!" Ships June 11, preorder now!
Trying to make insufferable relentless book promotion fun: Sharing little morsels and details about the weird and bizarre real-life settings in the novel, like Stasi headquarters in Berlin, which is now a museum and tourist attraction.
Parts of the U.S. intelligence community, including the National Counterterrorism Center, work in “Liberty Crossing," a generic-looking office complex near Tyson’s Corner mall in Virginia. The property manager’s web site is public. #BetweenTwoScorpions
Ilha da Queimada Grande, a.k.a. “Snake Island,” is 90 miles off the coast of Brazil. Home to zero humans & more venomous snakes per square meter than any other place on earth, it hosts the snake with the deadliest venom on earth. #BetweenTwoScorpions
Amazon is selling #BetweenTwoScorpions for $12.34 now, instead of $12.99. Lock in that lower preorder price!
BTW, at one point I contemplated doing a graphic novel side-story to Between Two Scorpions… and then I realized how labor-intensive that would be. But I did complete one good picture of Ward, the team’s all-purpose tough guy.
“A fun and quirky international thriller -- Geraghty sets a fast-paced story against a recognizable backdrop of societal division and cultural ruthlessness. A compelling read!” – , author of the Sean Coleman Thriller series
Between Two Scorpions is a thriller with some observations about culture, but it’s not really political. It’s got some of my usual humor in it, it isn’t satire. It’s chases, explosions, gunfights, snake pits, flaming craters, femme fatales and showdowns.
To be honest, I’m a little terrified, because while this is my fourth book, I’ve never written anything quite like it.