Start with Linda Greenhouse (not on twitter), the liberal NYT columnist who argues that the court should invalidate any pro-life law informed by religious belief. She was the REPORTER covering the Court for the Times for decades. Supposedly unbiased!
Let’s Not Forget the Establishment Clause
I'm glad this line of thinking about the tension between abortion bans and the First Amendment's Establishment Clause is getting aired. I remain astonished that it has not been more fully developed in legal scholarship.
Linda Greenhouse says will "predictably" win another #SupremeCourt case for the Little Sisters of the Poor, and there's "no chance the Supreme Court will be receptive to" her arguments. #truth
Put aside the stuff about Catholic "shackles," etc. Linda Greenhouse is incorrect about the meaning of the Establishment Clause and mischaracterizes the arguments for the regulation of abortion
In debates on abortion, contraception, transgender rights, & public expenditures, Let’s Not Forget the Establishment Clause: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”
Reason the pro-life cause has had continuing success while the Christian share of the population has declined and the unaffiliated increased: scientific developments and knowledge. The ignorance required, then, to make the following argument is startling
Constitution permits US government officials to have religious freedom but forbids them to make laws or policy based on religion. Why is this so hard for so many in politics to get?
It's time "to step back and consider the impact of religion’s current grip on public policy"
Opinion | Let’s Not Forget the Establishment Clause
Opposition to abortion is based on a religious belief about when life begins. Enacting this religious viewpoint into law therefore should violate the Establishment Clause. Alas, so little of the Establishment Clause remains. #abortion #EstablishmentClause
A great reminder about how our overly religious government is regularly and unconstitutionally leaning on religion in order to limit our rights. Let’s Not Forget the Establishment Clause #humanist