Anti-vax doctors have been using 23andMe tests to grant vaccine exemptions. I traced it all back to a single paper from 2008. In hindsight, one of the authors was blistering about his own paper: "It’s just not even a valid study by today’s methodology"
"Crowe and several of his co-authors are now drafting a letter to the journal that published the 2008 paper, clarifying just how little their original paper actually says." A letter to the editor to debunk your own candidate-gene-study-findings?!!
Thanks to and for digging into the misuse of MTHFR variants by antivaccine doctors.
Many 'experts' have been happy to use genetic tests to guide treatments without credible data, now I wonder how they feel to learn anti-vax proponents are using such tests to justify bad decision without credible data
I wrote about how anti-vaccine doctors have been ordering 23andMe tests to find exemptions using a gene called MTHFR
Why Anti-vax Doctors Are Ordering 23andMe Tests. Very worrying.
Why Antivaxxers Are Ordering @23andMe Tests: Naturopaths have long been obsessed with a gene called #MTHFR. Now vaccine skeptics are testing for it too, by via #genomics #vaccination
Wow, anti-vax docs using 23 and me to grant illogical exemptions 'When told "there is no evidence of clinical utility for that genetic test" doctors fired back "but you have not met that standard for the way you use these tests"' (made up 2 make pt)
regarding the anti-vax docs leveraging an essentially-retracted 2006 study, about a gene 'MTHFR', to grant vaccination exceptions: how do we get these MTHFR quacks to learn some MTHFR shame?
"A decade later, however, James Crowe, the senior author of the paper and the director of the Vanderbilt Vaccine Center, offers a blistering assessment of his own study: 'It’s just not even a valid study by today’s methodology.'"
Also, this link nicely covers how MTHFR testing became a thing to grant med. exemptions after CA law change. Lone vax study's Sr. author: “...not even a valid study by today’s methodology. To use it for... vax exemptions now... illogical & inappropriate.”
California leading the way in closing down specious routes to childhood vaccine exemption. What the MTHFR Gene Means for Vaccines - The Atlantic