No, Ed, it’s not an excuse for a lawyer who compares faithful Catholics to KKK members & radical imams to say “I was just representing my clients.” He could have chosen any number of analogies. He chose to deploy vicious anti-faith rhetoric
I'm as shocked to say this as you are to hear it, but is absolutely right about Hawley's horribly unfair attack on district court nominee Michael Bogren.
In which Josh Hawley makes Ed Whelan a voice of reason.
Because Bogren was representing his client. But given robust blue-slip policy on district-court noms, there have been, and will be, lots of deals with pieces you're unhappy with.
District-Court Nominees in Blue States
District-Court Nominees in Blue States
How did President Trump ever nominate Michael Bogren, accused by Josh Hawley of anti-religious bigotry? I address that here.
If White House is going to get district judges in blue and purple states confirmed, it needs to strike deals with Dem senators. It's done so numerous times.
I'm also not persuaded that district-court nominee Bogren was in fact making the offensive comparison that Senator Hawley objected to.