Monmouth has Biden 33%, Sanders 15%, Harris 11%, Warren 10%. I think there are some trends attached... Biden is up pre-launch, but down from immediate post launch. Warren is up but not much in last few weeks. Sanders has stabilized for now. Harris steady.
New Monmouth Dem WH poll Biden 33% Sanders 15% Harris 11% Warren 10% Buttigieg 6% O’Rourke 4% Klobuchar 3% Booker 1% Castro 1% de Blasio 1% Gabbard 1% Williamson 1% Yang 1%
Got thoughts on early state crosstab: 1. We have actually polling from the early states, not a crosstab (that I'm glad is available) off a 334 voter sample with I'd guess a big MOE. Biden is about as strong in IA as nationally. Weaker in NH. Stronger in SC
NATIONAL POLL: Tighter Dem #2020 race among voters in states with early primary/caucus (#SuperTuesday or sooner): 26% 14% 14% 9% 6% 5% 3%
Women Rise in Dem 2020 Field | Monmouth University Polling Institute
New Monmouth poll: Biden 33, Sanders 15, Harris 11, Warren 10, Buttigieg 6.
In latest Monmouth poll, manages to come behind Tulsi Gabbard, Andrew Yang, and Marianne Williamson(!). No sign that party is eager for a candidate most distinguished by willingness to shift views to accomodate short-term political needs.