“Joe Biden Would Be a Disaster” On today’s #Deconstructed, I’m joined by the brilliant, passionate, and eloquent ⁦⁩ and we talk about why we both think the former vice-president shouldn’t be the 2020 Democratic candidate. Have a listen
If you haven’t listened to my guest on #Deconstructed today, passionately, angrily and eloquently summarizing the multi-faceted, across-the-board case against Joe Biden, you need to. Right now
Joe Biden has called for Democrats to be less “angry.” This week on the #Deconstructed podcast, tells that Biden is unable to recognize that fury is valid, rational, and wholly appropriate.
Me and discussed Biden's awful record on my #Deconstructed podcast not long ago: #DemDebate2
I went back this morning and listened to amazing Deconstructed, podcast from last month: Joe Biden Would Be a Disaster He's talking with the amazing !