Trump assigns Barr the power to selectively expose US national security assets to tell a false story of Trump victimization. Trump is his own Julian Assange: me in last night
The intelligence agencies found evidence that alarmed them enough about the campaign’s Russia connections to justify a request for warrants. A federal court reviewed that evidence and authorized and reauthorized it. Will that evidence be declassified?
"If Trump’s claims had any basis in reality, he would convene an independent commission of respected fact-finders," argues . "Instead, he has relied on supporters willing to do his bidding—first Devin Nunes, now William Barr."
In 2016, Trump relied on his alt-Right and Russian supporters to circulate faked video of Hillary Clinton ... in 2019, he seems to have decided: if you want a dirty trick done right, you must do it yourself
Trump's so-called investigation ... *is* the cover-up. Latest in about tonight's grim news
Trump’s Cover-Up Accelerates The president directs his attorney general to declassify information—raising the prospect of selective disclosures.
Trump’s Cover-Up Accelerates