We intend to transition to the network in the future & become a key user. šŸ¢ All contributions to Nexus Mutual from accounts that hold more than 500 LINK #tokens will receive a 20% bonus in NXM tokens. Become a member to get earning šŸ‘‡Ā 
šŸš¢šŸš¢ is now live on main-net: Learn how it works: and sign up as a Member: We have something for everyone šŸ‘‡
šŸ‡©šŸ‡Ŗ Friends in Germany: you can now get smart contract cover! Become a member
Current quote for Smart Contract Cover on Compound V2. ā˜”ļø 1000 DAI Cover amount āŒ›ļø 365 Days of cover šŸ’µ Cost 19.75 DAI That's less than 2% pa and more staking will reduce it further. Sign-up before Cover purchases go live later this week šŸ‘‰
As contributions keep rolling in the bonding curve keeps rising. šŸ³ Contributed 1,000 ETH into the mutual. Get involved here šŸ‘‰