"None of us accepts "but everybody does it!" as a valid excuse for bad behavior when our children make it in elementary school. We’re not accepting it from academics." - &
I'm happy & wrote this to deal with one of the most annoying nitpicky criticisms of the grievance studies hoax commonly heard.
We couldn't, no. We don't know enough about them. Other people are addressing them tho and that's a very good thing. It's how scholarship progresses. People who care about the fields point out & eradicate problems in them. See this, for eg
The Anatomies of Two Academic Scandals Why the odd question of whether people would make careers out of what amounts to quality control? and via
You might have seen a story about a handful of academic papers in cellular biology getting through peer review even though they rely on magic "qigong" treatments that are never described. Here's how that's a different problem than what we pointed out.
I wrote this piece with addressing that issue but it doesn't show me at the moment as Areo continues to have problems with disconnected plug ins including the one for multiple authors following WordPress' update.
We addressed the problem going on in biochemistry here, acknowledged that we don't have the expertise to analyse it and thanked Dr Bik for doing so. We also address the differences which allowed her to do so tho