You can find Nick Monroe on telegram! He's still putting out great content, and honestly telegram is pretty fun! It would be more fun with more people. So if you support those affected by censorship, get on! (Im on there too)
Nick Monroe did nothing wrong in the first place But he thought you should know he's on TELEGRAM: MINDS: GAB: PARLER:
Nick Monroe has uploaded a video of the Twitter account belonging to the Slate journalist that scalped the Proud Boys by coercing Chase bank. She has since locked her account down. cc: Video: More from Nick on telegram:
If you still want to follow Nick Monroe’s research and posts you can check him out on his Telegram channel!
You can follow Nick on Telegram.
Hey folks if you miss Nick Monroe he’s over on Telegram still breaking news. Also telegram is really fun in an early Twitter kinda way. You know. When free speech was allowed. Follow him here!