. is the most indispensable journalist of the Trump era. She's relentless, tough and thoroughly fair. And she's a big part of why you know so much of what you do about this WH
"The progressive loathing of draws some of its force from the mistaken belief that straight news reporters should stand up to the president and call him out for his unfitness to hold office," writes
Lord knows I’ve had beefs with the NYT, but ⁦⁩ is one of the best, most perceptive, thorough journalists I have ever worked with. Glad someone w/ her talent is at NYT to cover this deeply troubling time in American politics.
This article is crap. Since Jonathan Chait saw fit to slather us in this unctuous dross, I can afford to devote a few words to its myriad fictions, falsehoods, errors and oversights. Here we go. 1/
I don’t hate ⁦⁩. Nor do most others on the left whom I know, in real life. Our country is in crisis. We can dislike a story w/o darkening our souls with misspent hatred. This is life in the non-Twitter world, where most of us reside.
" has not only exceeded any other reporter’s coverage of Trump, she has probably covered Trump more thoroughly than any WH reporter has covered any in history. Accordingly, Trump viscerally loathes Haberman even as he craves her approval."
Beyond frustrating to see this. Maggie has revealed more about this White House than any reporter on this beat.
Maggie’s work is critical to our democracy. Without her, folks wouldn’t even know what to be mad about. Get it together. 🙄
The can’t stop, won’t stop ⁦⁩ byline “alone does not capture the extent of reporting footprint.” Think of that.
It pains me to say this, but Jonathan Chait is right when it comes to .
Shout-out to folks who think it's only the Right that doesn't understand the difference between hard news reporting and opinion journalism.
Yes, by all means leftist arm-chair critics, go after the reporter who has provided you with the most and the best reporting and insights into the Trump administration. That is most certainly the hill you want to die on. Jfc.
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I missed the "controversy" over 's story about Hope Hicks, the photo that Maggie did not choose (the photo desk picks images) & the headline she did not write (editors write headlines.) What nonsense. Maggie does a hard job and she's good at it.
This isnt the most compelling defense of and like any journalist (and especially columnists) there are always legitimate criticisms to be made ... but I find this oft-heard notion that she is a suck-up to Trump totally bizarre & wrong