Why the Fight Over Abortion Is Unrelenting:It's tied to control over sexuality (especially men trying to control women).
piece covers much of the data and evolutionary theorizing behind the abortion debate. and I are quoted about some research from my dissertation. Nice quotes from as well, who (together with Jason Weeden) inspired the research.
What drives abortion restrictions and opposition to abortion rights? A deep desire to control women, to enforce traditional gender roles, and to impose a cost for recreational sex.
The abortion debate is a key element in the larger division of opinion in America about the sexual revolution, says . This explains its staying power as an issue.
RPC endorser of made the today in a piece by chronicling "the abortion debate." Thanks for all the work you do Viva and see you on the streets! 💓 #UnapologeticallyProChoice
Not sure if you read this, but this was a well-written, well-researched op-Ed piece on the matter. Very informative.
Good overview of the abortion debate. Parallels the argument I made in The Moral Arc that pro-lifers (who also oppose birth control as leading to promiscuity) are less concerned about the life of the fetus than they are about the sexual behavior of women.
Why the Fight Over Abortion Is Unrelenting
Why the Fight Over #Abortion Is Unrelenting via #ReproRights
A very nice treatment of an otherwise confounding issue (that won’t go away). I’m proud of Dr. ⁦⁩, but note that he’s no longer a grad student. He fledged with his PhD last year!
A rare piece that illuminates rather than provoking: Opinion | Why the Fight Over Abortion Is Unrelenting - The New York Times
Why the Fight Over Abortion Is Unrelenting
Why the Fight Over Abortion Is Unrelenting
"In the last decade, support for unrestricted abortion rights has grown from 21 to 29 percent, while the percentage backing a complete ban has fallen from 21 to 18 percent, according to Gallup."
"By 60-34, the public believed abortion should be legal during the first three months of pregnancy.'