On today's Daily: after rolling back dozens of environmental regulations, the Trump Administration is changing tactics: it's trying to change climate science itself. walks us through the strategy
Forget Mueller and the USS John McCain, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STORY TODAY...and we should not let it slide under the radar.
"You should never listen to a politician for the weather, anyway,” Mr. Simpson said. “That’s why we have the National Weather Service."
Dear , The White House can't "change #climate science" any more than they can change physics. All they can do is deny it and misrepresent it. #climatecrisis
Listen to on The Daily this morning, explaining Trump's efforts to debase climate-change science—her scoop earlier this week with .
Important listen for evidence champions and climate advocates alike. The White House Plan to Change Climate Science Harrowing and important reporting from and the excellent team and The Daily.
I pledge here and now that I will never be publicly silent about the #science.