The Twitter accounts & are banned, perhaps because of orchestrated complaints re undeniable factual statements on Islam , please reinstate the accounts
UPDATE ON THIS from Apostate Prophet. Our campaign worked, and Twitter has unsuspended with an apology. Still waiting on the 2nd account, but it's looking good, and you made it happen! Original video explanation at
Apostate Prophet: Banned by Twitter for Criticizing Islam Watch: Thank you for covering this!
Twitter bans a critic of Islam. We can help.
I take a softer approach to criticism of Islam than Apostate Prophet but I totally defend his right to criticise Islam in the way he wishes. I have no doubt it's the result of mass reporting by some Muslims.
Banned permanently from for simply criticizing #Islam. please reinstate and #FreeSpeech is a cornerstone of democracy and must be protected.
The Twitter accounts & have been banned after making essentially factual statements about Islam. I believe he was targeted for takedown. I ask & to please reinstate the accounts. Watch for more info