This is an essay that attacks a truly decent man, , and decency itself, which is apparently nothing more than a "secondary value" now for any real conservative. It is Trumpism dressed in Catholic garb.
I didn't attack wantonly: It was because I disagree with him profoundly over conservative strategy. Against David French-ism.
I'm really starting to take it personally that 's directive seems to be bashing libertarians. Nevertheless, we'll still defend you when you get shut down for refusing to host drag queen story time. It's thankless, but it's what we do.
We talk about left-wing authoritarianism quite a lot at but here is an example of right-wing authoritarianism. Enforcing "moral order" and "orthodoxy" becomes more important than treating people decently. Pretty stomach-turning stuff
"David French has benefited from the Trump GOP’s ascendance, but he's kept his hands clean, his soul untainted. Anyone familiar with the Amelia Sedley character in Vanity Fair knows, a kind of airy, above-it-all mentality offers its own vain satisfactions"
Conservatives should approach the culture war with realism.
A significant moment: a high-profile Catholic figure turning against irenic, cooperative John Courtney Murrayism Against David French-ism | Sohrab Ahmari | First Things
When I read an invocation of "a public square re-ordered to the common good and ultimately the Highest Good," my inner liberal and my inner conservative, my inner skeptic and my inner Jew, all join in asking, Just whose Highest Good are we talking about?
No, understands what his "lodestar" of individual autonomy really means: negative liberties protected by the non-aggression principle. The authoritarian left doesn't want more autonomy, but rather more force.
This article only reinforced my sense that ⁦⁩ is right. | Against David French-ism | Sohrab Ahmari | First Things
As an activist, French has benefited from the Trump GOP’s ascendance, but he has kept his hands clean, his soul untainted.
This piece by ⁦⁩ is quite extraordinary: a radical and direct rejection of conservative ‘fusionism’ — calling for governmental enforcement of “traditional morality” and public religious practice.
From my thread ( 's piece on etc. (). The below is simply a long way of saying "Damn your civility, it's why we're losing", exactly mirroring how 'accommodationists' were purged from the atheist movement.
The sort of authoritarian statist Catholicism advocated by once produced the death & murder of millions across Europe -- the rise of liberal Catholicism eg de Tocqueville & Lord Acton, was one of the great achievements of modern Catholicism
"We should seek to use these values to enforce our order and our orthodoxy, not pretend that they could ever be neutral. To recognize that enmity is real is its own kind of moral duty." --
It took them a long time, which isn't surprising given how clueless they are, but American conservatives are starting to understand that Anton was basically right when he wrote his infamous essay during the election.
New thread: 's next contra (from ). Here, Ahmari has a good point he doesn't make clear enough; instead he argues it as being the reason for loss of the war. He has a point in the second part, but it's tenuous, not conclusive
Sohrab Ahmari responds.
Illiberalism chic.
Some hot conservative-on-conservative action here
"What prompted my ire was a Facebook ad for a children’s drag queen reading hour at a public library in Sacramento."
Once again: not a single thing about Zack Snyder and his Works in this piece. This David Frenchism is false.
So, I have lots of thoughts about 's piece on and political liberalism. I'll look to share them soon. As a preliminary (and positive) note: I found it to be a helpful articulation of his own antiliberal theotraditionalism.
this piece made more sense before I knew it was written by a grown man
1. If you haven't read 's "illiberal" manifesto, you should, if only because it represents a view that shouldn't be dismissed. I disagree with much of it, but it's a challenging, important read and it distills a series of fundamental questions
E.g. that horrible Christo-Fascist screed in First Things, which moved quickly from criticizing a drag story hour to demanding that the Godly use the state to "enforce orthodoxy" and smash their enemies (you and me, for example).
As if we did not have enough ideological positions to choose from, here’s return of fire and brimstone Christianity.
as a student essay, though, it's kind of adorable. all that hysteria dressed up so fine & fancy!