I wrote about the deeply chaotic energy it requires to be late to the airport on purpose
I once arrived at LaGuardia 30 minutes before my flight and got on, but I'm still traumatized by the memory
Few years ago, and I stopped to buy bread en route to the airport, missed a flight to New York, got to New York ~30 hours later, went to get pizza during the layover, and missed the flight home to D.C.
How early did I get to the airport today?? Two hours and fifteen minutes before my flight baby
The unreal privilege of flying while not brown. I arrived at the airport two hours early today (per routine) and still almost missed my flight because of a long sit down with US border agents in Toronto
For punctual people, the idea of getting to the airport late can sound like a nightmare. For the people who do it on purpose, it's more like a coping mechanism, writes
my tragedy is that I am a traveler who loves cutting it close but also truly and genuinely enjoys spending time in airports, which are cornucopias of delight
Ive adopted ’s “aim to get to the airport two hours early for contingencies” approach which used to seem like doing way too much until i missed a flight bc of an hour-long wait at security Now I’m firmly Team Get There Early And Be Bored
It's me, the early-airport arriver, logging on to share that I am sweating just *thinking* about getting to the airport a half-hour before my flight. Sitting at the gate and reading is nice! It's uninterrupted me time!
"It’s not that late people don’t find the airport as stressful as early people, but that their coping mechanisms indicate a fundamentally different approach to the negative parts of life," writes
Why Some People Are Always Late to the Airport By ⁦
The optimal time to arrive to the airport is 15 minutes before boarding No other opinions are correct
I beg you: before falling in love, find out if the beloved’s airport style is compatible with yours. I say no more. Another consequential piece by ⁦
For punctual people, the idea of getting to the airport late can sound like a nightmare. For the people who do it on purpose, it's more like a coping mechanism, writes
I got out of an Uber at LAX recently with 10 minutes before my flight boarded. I made it to the gate with 4 minutes to spare. Apparently this lifestyle is “not quite self-harm, but it’s in the same arena,” according to one psychiatrist.
Do you have time to get a latte because you arrived so early for your flight, or do you run through the airport trying to make it to your plane? Dr. Jonny Gerkin talked to about what's going on inside the minds of both types of fliers.
tfw when you sprint to the gate and make it
Literally anxious just thinking about this
My best arriving late to an airport story is set in Calcutta. Strap in, folks....
I've never missed a flight. Since this means a lot of time wasted at airports over the years, I'm deeply convinced that this is irrational. But I also can't bring myself to leave late enough to incur a non-trivial chance of missing a flight.
As an early-arriver, the stories in this article fill me with vicarious anxiety.
The harrowing late airport arrival story in here is that showed up for a flight 57 minutes before scheduled departure? That's comfortably early!
I am always early to the airport except for a couple of times when was my boss and in charge of the schedule. After that experience I am frankly shocked that Bernie ever makes it to campaign events.
Sitting at an airport right now. I got through TSA about 20 minutes before boarding. I hate being early to airports. How punctual I am ultimately depends, tho, on the airport. I leave super-early for SFO and RDU, not for FAY or OAK.
This is me vs ⁦⁩ on when to arrive at airport. This quote represents me ✈️: “I hate lines. I hate the idea of waiting. I’ll be the last person to board the plane, no matter where I’m sitting.”
.⁦⁩ & I are on the same page; early, always. ⁦⁩, not so much, our #theGreatRevolt tour required way too much running on my end, he was calm as a cucumber arriving for the last boarding call as I wept shamelessly
The amount of time I’ve lectured myself about having an anxiety disorder & being time optimistic “They distract and procrastinate...It’s not quite self-harm, but it’s in the same arena.”
Problem with this article is it leaves out the people who arrive at the airport at precisely the right moment ... not too early, not too late. With just enough time to get food and drink but not be waiting around for your flight. People like me
Fascinating piece by in about that small segment of the population that loves the thrill of *almost* missing their flights—even if that means they often do actually end up missing them
nice thing about living in a smallish city with a small regional airport is i can arrive 5 minutes before boarding no problem
I feel so seen. I suspect you also feel seen, , , and anyone else who disagrees significantly with their partner on the subject of ideal airport (or any other) arrival times