I'm somewhat surprised that has the same view on impeachment that I do.
Pelosi is right to slow-walk impeachment hearings, even post-Mueller statement. Me in this morning with a fuller explanation of my argument on last night
When two of the smartest & wisest people I know disagree, as and do on impeachment, it stretches my brain. Yoni says impeach: David says don't :
Text of the argument
“Trump outrages the sense of justice. It is understandable that many yearn for urgent and decisive action... But wise action is better than urgent action, and the best decision is one that leads to success.” makes the case against impeachment
Impeachment proceedings now would help Trump more than hurt him, says .
And I also saw someone reading a printed copy of "Impeach Trump? Not Yet" by in
Good piece arguing against impeachment from a smart writer, who takes the danger of Trump seriously.
Best anti-impeachment piece I've read, from one of the best NeverTrumpers.