Trouble in Intellectual Dark Web?
So the ideological-right does the same kind of half-assed journalism as the ideological-left does. I am not surprised, but once again, I am disappointed. The conservatives whom I know do better, and think better, than this. By a lot. (A thread.)
An interesting analysis from on the concept of centrism and conflicts within the IDW. Personally, I've always thought of the IDW movement as a silly social media marketing campaign.
Centrism was simply supposed to be a norm, agreeing on free speech and open debate. Instead, it has turned to a fad, with boundaries of acceptable thoughts, and acceptable company. By yours truly, on the Intellectual Dark Web.
The IDW is quickly turning into a passing fad, which was inevitable for this ragtag group of people bound together by little more than their support for free speech.
I've made this point, too: The IDW needs to practice "methodological centrism... everyone deciding on the method: free speech, open debate, giving anyone, regardless of political position, a platform," not "ontological centrism" (finding a median position).
"there cannot be median-level ideological centrism without excluding ideological opponents. The moment one excludes ideological opponents, this whole façade of centrism fails"
New take on IDW. Just hit me that any original IDW folks are still totally united on what makes a conversation. Only the critics are upset. Think that means we are doing it right. Also, I’m more beard than man now.
Being a nobody means coining terms like "methodological centrism" and everyone who uses it acts like they've thought it up themselves
The Intellectual Dark Web Is Collapsing Under Its Contradictions
Now The Federalist is noticing the demise of the 'IDW', though I think calling it 'too ideologically varied' is a bit of a stretch.
Often self-proclaimed liberals suffer from an intense Dunning-Kruger effect, saying everything should be determined by “facts and science,” as if the determination of what those facts and science are doesn’t matter in the long run Via⁦
Still a bit too flattering to what the IDW purported to be (and I certainly wouldn’t count it out all together), but this gets the broad strokes right.