This is what a great newspaper has come to. High above the scene, it sees "Washington" as divided, not between between people trying to figure out what happened and others trying to obscure it, but divided in the same old exhausted 'he said, she said' way.
Trump holed up much of yesterday in the residence, peeved that more people were not defending him on television and privately complaining that Mueller had always been out to get him.
Impact of Mueller statement? "It will certainly ratchet up pressure on the Dems to initiate impeachment proceedings, but I don’t think it changes the fundamentals much," says Jeff Flake. "It’s still a bad move in terms of 2020 and the speaker knows it."
As usual, Peter Baker nails it. Mueller Delivered a Message. Washington Couldn’t Agree on What It Was.
I’ll believe that Trump is growing into the presidency when his staff stops talking about him like a toddler.