“Attention and affection have gone from being private bonds to being publicly traded goods.” (I’m a little late to this, but it’s one of ⁦⁩’s best pieces, IMHO. Speaks to themes in #TheCoddling ⁦⁩ & ⁦⁩)
Studies of people who troll find that they score high on measures of psychopathy, sadism and narcissism. Via ⁦ via
Communication itself, once mostly collaborative, is now often competitive, with bids for affection and attention. It is also more manipulative — gestures designed to generate a response.
Trolls bid for attention by making others feel bad. Studies of trolls find that they score high on measures of psychopathy, sadism & narcissism. Online media hasn’t made them vicious; but it has given them a platform to use viciousness to full effect.
"Trolling is a very effective way to generate attention in a competitive, volatile attention economy. It’s a way to feel righteous and important, especially if you claim to be trolling on behalf of some marginalized group." Excellent col.
The crybully is the person who takes his own pain and and uses it to make sure every conversation revolves around himself. “This is the age of the Cry-Bully, a hideous hybrid of victim and victor, weeper and walloper,” Julie Burchill wrote
Every troll should read this piece by . Of course, because they're trolls they probably won't. Or they will and then will troll David anyway. Because they're trolls. Whatever. Worth your time: #trolls #trolling
When Trolls and Crybullies Rule the Earth.
When Trolls and Crybullies Rule the Earth, by via #SoMe #journalism #suicide
When Trolls and Crybullies Rule the Earth by The internet has become a place where people communicate out of their competitive ego: I’m more fabulous than you (a lot of Instagram). You’re dumber than me (much of Twitter).