'While the clerical class has entirely changed over the last 40 years, John Cleese has not.'
Was right to say London is no longer an English city? on what Englishness means: defends Cleese for standing his ground:
V.weak piece Seems to argue that 45% of people in London being "white British" means John Cleese right its not English anymore. Ignores that 6/10 Londoners born in England (63% UK-born). Can't we agree that Ian Wright is English too?
No surprise to find , who thinks fact London is no longer majority *white* British makes it a "foreign country", and that black, Asian and mixed-race Britons aren't really British, defending John Cleese
. on 's "London is not really an English city any more" tweet
. defends 's refusal to back down
Is it time to cancel Cleese?
Why are the woke folks so eager to 'cancel' Cleese? asks
Was right to double-down on his tweet?
. offers clues on why the online mob want to take down Cleese
Nice from . And bravo to ! Cancel thy cancellors.
"Forty years ago Cleese’s opponents actually wore clerical frocks. Today, they might as well," writes