As Tory leadership candidates clamber over each other to tell everyone about their drug use... this man has lived in Britain since he was 4. He faces deportation for carrying cannabis.
Only a couple of weeks since reported on the case of a guy who’s lived in Britain since the age of 4 facing deportation for carrying cannabis. Sure is wonderful to see and being so open about their drug use.
You can admit to using cocaine and have a decent chance of becoming PM if you were born in Manhattan & went to Eton. If you're black, carrying weed & your mate's oyster card can get you deported. But ok, sure #immigration policy isn't racist at all...
Tory reaction to smoking weed whilst poor and black - quick, deport the fucker! Tory reaction to snorting cocaine whilst wealthy and white - all is forgiven, would you like to be Prime Minister now?
Dear your policy & practice of exiling people grown up in UK from their home, family & life here, is a disgraceful injustice harking back to the shameful practice of transportation abandoned in 1868. 1/2
‘I grew up here, all my life’s been here. Is it because I haven’t got a British passport? I do have the right to be here, this is not right this is not fair, this is very hostile and cruel’