Good today. Host talked w/ #climate scientist Dr. & marine biologist about current state #changechange politics. #ActOnClimate #ClimateAction
Where will climate science end up?
I’ll be on today with talking about climate policy and politics. 🌎🔥‼️ Tune in at 3p ET! 📻
Now on #SciFriLive: Republican lawmakers are warming up to talking about climate change, but the Trump administration is striking back. and tell us about the climate policy wars in Washington.
. and talk climate politics, policy, and science activism.
"Climate Wars Heat Up In Washington" via Science Friday () [TODAY 3pm ET]
Marine biologist Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and climate scientist join a round table conversation about climate politics, policy, and science activism on .
"Climate Wars Heat Up In Washington" | segment today with host , & yours truly
ICYMI: My recent conversation on about the current politics of climate action with &
Climate Podcast of the Week: Science Friday on Thr latest climate action on the DC stage, momentum more broadly.
If really wanted to learn about the #politics of the #climate wars, it should talk to people who study the social side of #climatechange (I can list like 10+ people easily), not marine biologists and atmospheric scientists...