This is deeply reprehensible and irresponsible journalism. Mr. Wakefield is a fraud, a charlatan and wicked. His word means nothing and though he may be entitled to his shittyarsed opinions, no one is obliged to report them.
I’m sorry, I don’t often use language like this BUT this is the man who started the BOGUS rumour that the MMR vaccine causes autism and was subsequently struck of so: Andrew Wakefield, you’ve already been STRUCK OFF Now why don’t you F*CK OFF!
Holy fucking hell, . While the article is pretty fair at painting Wakefield as the utter fraud and reprehensible antivaxxer that he is, your headline is absolutely atrocious. Do better.
En pleine épidémie, Andrew Wakefield a osé. « Le vaccin a rendu la rougeole plus dangereuse. » Enfoiré deluxe.
Who the hell wrote this headline?