For the Israeli Left, writes , the 1990s exuded a bewitching sense of possibility. But that moment has passed, and history has returned with a vengeance.
My friends and realized they had too many friends, so they decided to go to Israel and write about the conflict. Read them here and send them hate mail on this website.
As a break from arguments about American conservatism, read on Israelis, Palestinians and the rise of one-state-solutionism on both sides
I’m in the Western Balkans this week—more on that later—but I was in Israel three weeks ago. An incredible trip.
This is a challenging must-read from on Israel-Palestine, magical thinking, the pieties of the '90s, and 'heightening the contradictions' Anyone who (still) thinks peace is possible should probably figure out how to answer Damir's questions 👇🏾 
Very insightful piece from on the reality on the ground in Israel/Palestine where nobody on either side cares about two states anymore.
"History has returned with a vengeance. And a solid majority of Israelis are no longer willing to stake what they see as an existential question on unproven liberal theories of democratic political change."
Terrific piece by my friend and colleague on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, another casualty of History's aggressive return