The unfunny truth about Boris Johnson is that he is just really bad at his job.
NEW: I have spent a bit of time working to answer a simple, but important, question: was Boris Johnson a good foreign secretary? I have spoken to senior US, European and UK diplomats & officials who all worked and dealt with Johnson directly
Full story: Boris Johnson Is Favourite To Become The UK’s Next Prime Minister. This Is What The World Thought Of Him As Foreign Secretary.
This tale begins with a “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” Trump campaign cap, and a dinner in Mayfair, London, between Johnson and US secretary of state John Kerry. It stretches from bathrooms in Paris to high-level meetings about the war in Yemen
Trump may back him, but others aren’t so convinced. What the world thinks of Boris Johnson.
If Johnson become prime minister, the UK’s governmental incompetence look set to continue. Is there any way out of this spiral of political failure?
"He didn’t have full grasp of his dossiers. He was not strong on detail" That was Johnson, as foreign secretary....
27-dimensional chess my arse. Get out of the UK if you can, this is going to be a fuckfest — the bad kind — for anybody not privileged AF.
The scariest part, the asshole is liked: “With Johnson,” said the ambassador, “it is form over substance. He is liked but not respected.”
"The same diplomat noted that remarks by Johnson’s successor, Jeremy Hunt, comparing the EU to the Soviet Union [&] confusing Slovenia with Slovakia, have been more of a surprise because they were unexpected." Have you all met a baseline Englisher? 🤨
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"Following Johnson’s intervention, a senior Whitehall mandarin described Johnson as a “fucking moron”".