In today’s NYPost, the ever-lucid floats the possibility that we should stop funding the academic humanities, because they may be lost to us for good.
The New York Post calls for closing down universities - quoting Roger Scruton, who called for closing down humanities and social science departments. This is the end goal of the fake “free speech on campus crisis”.
A modest proposal to address the degradation of Academia, Inc. Close the universities.
At least this piece has exposed the destructive nihilism of allegedly conservative intellectuals. Kimball, Scruton, Quillette: white grievance studies, willing to tear it all down.
From the penis hoaxers, to Peterson claiming entire fields of study are corrupt, to his "cultural marxism proof" university, to his professor watchlist...this has been about suppressing ideas they disagree with, bizarrely, under the guise of "free speech"
“The[] best bet is to pursue strategies to starve Academia Inc. of funds. No public monies should be feeding institutions that claim to be educating students but really are simply indoctrinating them.” –
PC insanity may mean the end of American universities ⁦⁩ Wow! Great article from your friend.
"Authoritarian attacks on free speech illustrate why we must shut down university departments we ideologically disagree with." Weirdly overt case of type of propaganda analysed, wherein one appeals to an ideal to undermine that very ideal.
This of course is an example of the latter. What presents itself as a critique of academic illiberalism is actually something quite illiberal itself. It's a common maneuver, as , , and the rest of the folks at FIRE can attest.
The absurdity of Conservatives calling for revolution rather than reform via
Every time a 'whiteness is evil' or 'biology is cis-het male power' piece is published, or a mob of woke students go Maoist on a visiting lecturer, more and more people will be prepared to vote for this. Smug superiority towards the plebs won't save us.
.: The universities are “the crucible, the engine” of civilization’s rot. This may mean the end of the universities.
Hmmm, I think the author may not quite get the irony of their suggestion - PC insanity may mean the end of American universities via
Ah yes, the walking bowtie, Roger Kimball, who writes like an earnest HS junior trying to put his hard thesaurus work to good use in a draft of his college admission essay via