"Congressman Hunter Says He Probably Killed ‘Hundreds’ Of Civilians While In Combat" Amazing this isn't a bigger story. A sitting Republican member of Congress basically bragging that he's a war criminal.
Congressman Duncan Hunter says he probably “killed hundreds of civilians” while a soldier in Iraq; therefore the other war criminals Trump is considering pardoning should be given a break. Makes sense when you just accept how morally bankrupt all this is
These are the words of a sociopath who also happened to be a Marine artillery officer. Where is the honor in this?
. is embarrassing himself and his fellow Marine OIF vets with these and other remarks he has made. Worth noting that when Mattis took the Marines into Iraq (including Hunter) he criticized and discouraged the behavior Hunter is now excusing.
If more served more would call out such despicable remarks: “Hunter was asked specifically about one of the individuals Gallagher is accused of killing, a teenage ISIS fighter ... ‘I frankly don’t care if he was killed,’ Hunter said. ‘I just don’t care.’”
Duncan Hunter: another Republican that thinks it's ok to intentionally kill civilians, that also somehow thinks that women should go to prison for abortion. Ben Shapiro would be proud!