Alan Jacobs—lately known here as —weighs in on French/Ahmari, by looking back to an earlier clash between Fr Richard John Neuhaus and Stanley Fish
Alan Jacobs is always worth reading, not least on the important unfolding debate within the Christian conservative world.
"How Christians choose to reckon with questions around taking sides will have consequences for all Americans, whether religious or not," writes humanitarian professor Alan Jacobs.
I was on vacation when there a bit of internet drama between and unfolded. If you're as lost as me, grab some popcorn and read Alan Jacobs
“Would Neuhaus, who died in 2009 ... have concluded by now that Good Liberalism has been fully eclipsed by Bad? I cannot be sure, of course, but I am inclined to believe that he would have a lot of sympathy for the substance of Ahmari’s argument.”
Shrewd Alan Jacobs essay on how religious conservatives have adopted Stanley Fish's reading of their situation
It is probably for the best that Alan Jacobs left Twitter (we all should, really, especially when we can feel it destroying a very important part of us), but losing his charity and moderating influence is a net negative.