This is such an obvious point and yet appears to be the only conservative I’ve yet seen make it.
My Tuesday column: What Are Conservatives Actually Debating?
I think on Ahmari v. French is good. However, what I wish he mentioned is the reason fusionism works/ed is because social conservatives do actually tend to also value smaller government and more aggressive foreign policy than the median voter.
I’m working on an essay now with the exact same theme. Social conservatives have the power to mobilize voters in their favor when they broaden their agenda to include pocketbook issues rather than ceding economic issues to pro-business wing.
WOW: "[A] striking memoir." — Ross Douthat, The New York Times #FromFireByWater #Catholic #Convert
Think ⁦⁩ gets political/moral problem with “post fusionist” US conservatism: it relies upon ginning up racial resentment to win elections. But he misses this: Euro con populists accepts social democracy that US pop right can’t imagine.
I've avoided this whole affair in public, and will continue to, but I will say that the existence of this debate is more evidence that Trump's dominance of the right is cosmetic. Ideological debates typically take place within the out-party.
Another tension I don't think Ross emphasizes enough: If improving conservatism's broad multicultural appeal means moving toward economic populism and away from small government Ryanism, then it's Never Trumpers who are the obstacle.
I saw a lot of people making this argument last week, that now is a strange time for social conservatives to go on the offensive considering how weak they've become. That's one interpretation.
What Are Conservatives Actually Debating?
Douthat on fusionism in dissolution. The race is on for a party to win the working class. But the need is not for a less noxious figurehead, or a Gaullist, but working policy. via
I may have missed some responses—there are so many!—but I'm curious: How have the key participants/stakeholders in this debate responded to 's framing of it?
Two very, very insightful reads on the intra-conservative squabbles of 2019: and . Are there similarly self-aware summaries of what's going on with the center-left?
May impact conservatism's electoral future less than say debate about whether to play lil nas x on country radio, but conservative pundits are still debating fusionism Trump has made debate starker, but it's still about the unrealizable conservative vision