Last week when I was in Michigan, I rolled out a new plan to fight climate change and create over a million new jobs. Read more about my Green Manufacturing Plan here.
1. The new climate plan has a very circa 2010 feel to it. Green Apollo program. National Institute of Clean Energy. Green Marshall Plan.
We can make the #GreenNewDeal a reality and lead the global effort to combat climate change. My Green Manufacturing Plan would invest $2 trillion in green research and manufacturing and create more than a million good jobs here at home. #DemDebate2  
.'s Green Manufacturing Plan shows clearly that she understands the frame of the #GreenNewDeal, the lessons from our history it draws upon, and that she is committed to mobilizing the federal government towards the scale of its ambition if elected.
.'s plans (so far) to reach the goals of the #GreenNewDeal, a thread: 1. Investing $2 trillion over the next ten years in green research, manufacturing, and exporting.
The #GreenNewDeal isn't just about reducing our emissions. It's also about making sure American workers have good green jobs. My Green Manufacturing Plan will create 1.2 million of those jobs—getting us one big step closer to that goal.
Fun to watch rolling out her climate policy one detailed plan at a time. The green manufacturing initiative is a serious, at-scale initiative
Important piece from 's Green Manufacturing Plan for America put out yesterday. Ending international financing for fossil fuels is a critical part of any robust #climate plan and it's great to see Warren calling this out. #StopFundingFossils
The piece of 's #GreenNewDeal jobs plan that stands out to me is the "Green Marshall Plan." This is critical - we can reduce US emissions all we want but it won't save us if the developing world doesn't also. Massive investment is needed abroad.
I like Elizabeth Warren’s Green Manufacturing Plan
Climate Plan #3: Green Manufacturing Plan. She proposes $2 trillion government investment over 10 years (~5% of federal budget). Three big sub-parts: Green Apollo Program, Green Industrial Mobilization, Green Marshall Plan. 9/
That's why I’ve proposed a Green Apollo Program to tackle climate change head on, including $400 billion in government funding over the next 10 years for clean energy research and development—more than 10 times what we invested in the last 10 years.
. has talked about a Green Marshall Plan. I'd like to solicit his comments on 's new green policy package, especially the GMP.
Apparently the Green Marshall Plan is a new federal office that would do the $100 billion in aid plus be "dedicated to selling American-made clean, renewable, and emission-free energy technology abroad . . ." Link to the original plan post on Medium
When our country went to the moon, we did it by investing in science, innovation, and our workers. That’s what we need to do right now to make the #GreenNewDeal a reality. Read more about how my Green Manufacturing Plan would help us get there.
As I head back to Iowa today, I’m thinking about farmers who have faced extreme flooding and billions in damage to their communities this year. Climate change is real and it’s here. Here's just one of my plans to make a #GreenNewDeal a reality:
With bold investments, we can fight climate change, achieve the ambitious targets of the Green New Deal, and create more than a million good jobs here at home. I have a plan to invest at least $2 trillion in green research, manufacturing, and exporting
Elizabeth Warren is proposing the federal government invest $2 trillion over 10 years in green technologies — but no mention of catalyzing OR leveraging. A real missed opportunity here! /5
Warren's team promises more details fleshing out all the planks of her Economic Patriotism agenda but she's starting with green manufacturing and clean energy, which I think is a promising area for Industrial Policy.
8/And it came with a heavy dose of industrial policy.
8/Second, we can subsidize exports of green technology and low-carbon products. This idea sometimes goes by the name of Green Marshall Plan.
7/Her green manufacturing plan was also good industrial policy. Picking winners often fails, but climate change means we HAVE to pick this winner, or else.