"If history is any indication, the links between the IDW and the more established right are likely to strengthen in the coming years, for better or worse—or, indeed, for better and worse." The latest by cc:
I turned my tweet into an article! On why the IDW are the new neocons, sorta
., thought you'd be interested in this take: . Some interesting parallels between 1960s neoconservatism and the IDW...
. writes an interesting article comparing the #IDW with the rise of the Neocons back in the 1960s & 70s (i.e., when Glazer, Moynihan, et al. were rebelling against 60s radicalism, not cheerleading the Iraq war). HT /1
There’s a new kind of conservative because there is a new kind of radical. The New Neocons - Intercollegiate Studies Institute
Another for your perusal
Is the IDW a re-run of 60s neoconservatism?: " The need for order..& standards of excellence seemed ever more apparent to ..[some].. academics...protecting these values . . . had a profoundly “conservatizing” effect on many [progressive] intellectuals.
Really great article drawing parallels between the IDW and the "neoconservatives" of the 1960s-70s. It will be fascinating to see how the political reshuffling currently taking place will coalesce over the next 10+ years.
This piece seems entirely correct