Donald Trump wants the NHS to be on the table in any post-Brexit trade deal. Please RT if you think everyone should be aware.
We can’t say we weren’t warned... Terrifying glimpse of what post Brexit trade deals would look like Another reason to support a #PeoplesVote
It's big geopolitical powers that matter in the 21st century. And what do we do? Leave a prime seat in the world's greatest trading bloc to be the bitch of a man who can't spell the word "coffee".
As much as I understand many of the criticisms levelled at Labour, it’s chilling stuff like this that means I just *couldn’t* vote for any other party in a general election.
Translating Trump Voting for #Brexit means voting to kill #NHS. Note: US spends more than twice as much on #Healthcare as UK & gets much worse outcomes. Only dopes/crooks trust Trump more than EU. UK will become servile economic colony of exploitive US.