A brilliant and provocative piece by . “There’s actually less here than meets the eye. There’s just Trump. It’s all about Trump.” Or, as ⁦⁩ wrote three years ago, Trump corrupts.
Did you notice anything interesting about the battle lines that formed up after Ahmari took aim at French?
"The initial Ahmari is an exercise in emoting with no ideas or policy suggestions or political agenda other than demonstrating that however mad you might be at the state of the world, Sohrab Ahmari is madder." via
>Sohrab Ahmari’s 'Culture War' Is Really Just About Donald Trump via
JVL is right, of course. ⁦⁩’s great sin is that he is anti-Trump. He is disgusted by Trump and knows how to say why. I don’t mean to play shrink, but I believe that this makes many people feel bad about themselves. An age-old phenomenon.
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If I’m not mistaken is the first to invoke Gettysburg as a comparison for vs. .