White liberals now display a racial and ethnic pro-outgroup bias. They are more favorable toward other races and ethnicities than their own. Is this a virtue? Or a troubling overcorrection? Fascinating read by (HT ):
A very thorough account of how social and digital media created an echo chamber for white liberals in which an exaggerated — a demonstrably untrue — picture of a nation dominated by pervasive racism is painted, resulting in a drastic preference cascade
White liberals are leading a ‘woke’ revolution that is transforming American politics and making Democrats increasingly uneasy with Jewish political power, argues
If you read one thing today read this by . A brilliant essay on how the "woke" revolution is leading white liberals to feel warmer to other groups than their own, become more critical of American Jews and, increasingly, detached from reality
I now tweet everything about a week after everyone else but this Zach Goldberg explains in details the Great Awokening TLDR: The upper-middle class have collectively lost their minds
Happy to announce the publication of an article in TabletMag. If you've been following me for a while, none of it should surprise you
The rise of social media, reporting on rare racist events, has distorted the perceptions of white liberals, argues in a powerful, evidence-driven piece: .
STOP AND READ THIS. This might be the most important thing published in a long while.
1/n I frequently tweet out graphs that illustrate or describe the 'great awokening'. My focus has now shifted to testing some of the aspects of the theory I offered () to explain it.
White liberals are, in fact, anti-white. This does not mean rightwing propagandists don't go all histrionic, but these are nationally representative data. And if true of "liberals in general" probably even more true of MSM (and academia). via
"In one especially telling example of the broader trend, white liberals recently became the only demographic group in America to display a pro-outgroup bias ..."
In the last decade, argues , white liberals have undergone a process of cosmopolitan radicalization. They are now more positive to immigration and more sensitive to racism. This ideological shift is at least as remarkable as the rise of populism.
Swift white liberal awokening has coincided with rise of social & online media & changing views of immigration & Israel; ⁦⁩ tweet threads with data & opposition commentary in article form
This piece is really thought-provoking. I fear it's not likely to get the attention it deserves, because it doesn't fit neatly into our current narratives.
Interestingly, this social change was on its way before Trump's election. has made some nice research on this, and has summarized some of the findings regarding this social change in a nice article here
GREAT ARTICLE - MUST READ! "the attitudes and policy preferences of the woke white left are unrepresentative of the 'marginalized communities' with whom they are supposed to be allies."
A lot of good Great Awokening analysis here though the writing is so heavily colored by the writer’s dyspeptic view of it that I think it may turn people off.
"[W]hite liberals who get most of their news online are significantly more likely to 'strongly disagree' that racial problems in the United States are 'rare, isolated situations,'" compared to people who primarily consume print or local TV news.
Important, troubling article from , positioning the transformation of white liberal attitudes toward Israel as part of a broader ideological shift among the group.
An attempt to explain the ‘Great Awokening’ - the latest in the series of Great Awakenings that have been such a feature of American history - that, astonishingly, manages never to mention the inheritance of Anglo-American Protestantism H/t ⁦
This is maybe the most fascinating thing you’ll read today.
I'm slightly less interested in the Israel angle, but this is actually a really big story. This stuff is going on in ALL progressive elite institutions -- there are simmering conflicts over it at lots of media outlets, for example.
"Indeed, on average, white liberals rated ethnic and racial minority groups 13 points (or half a standard deviation) warmer than whites." A bit anomalous in terms of Black's theory of partisanship as a function of social closeness and distance.
White liberals are explicitly anti-White. Nationally-representative survey data-informed essay by .
Fascinating piece: America’s White Saviors – Tablet Magazine