The real crisis of the foreign reporter as freelancer, epitomized in the tragic demise of Arnaud Dubus, a wonderful man & excellent reporter who always had passion for writing the human rights angle behind the big story. Very sad.
Powerful, moving though deeply disturbing piece on circumstances behind tragic suicide in Bangkok of French journalist Arnaud Dubus, a keen observer of Southeast Asia and a colleague deeply mourned by journalistic community here
This statement on the tragic death of Arnaud Dubus, written by his colleagues, is a devastating account of the psychological and financial pressures bearing down on freelance foreign correspondents, especially over the long term.
Had to have a drink or five after I read this: the heartbreaking story of Arnaud Dubus, longtime French foreign correspondent, who recently committed suicide after having to cease psych treatment because he couldn’t make a living doing the job he loved.
RIP Arnaud Dubus. A sobering statement from his friends on the realities of freelancing as a “foreign correspondent” in Southeast Asia these days.
Journalism, c. 2019. The algorithms are winning; facts are losing. Lives are being lost. This is real, people. We need to fix the media model, desperately.