Chernobyl radiation did not crash a helicopter, was not contagious, and didn't kill that baby Here's the science that debunks the sensational misrepresentations of nuclear in HBO's "Chernobyl" Please share!
Chernobyl did not cause "a dramatic spike in cancer rates" nor did it kill that baby nor did it "become a nuclear bomb" It's fine as TV but realize fear of nuclear has high cost incl: PTSD, depression, AGW, & 100-200k panic-driven pregnancy terminations
Fascinating piece (and I loved the show)
Great piece in about Chernobyl — turns out it’s complete hokum. Almost no one died: not the first responders, not the baby of the firefighter’s widow. Bridge of death an urban myth. Total death toll from the nuclear accident? 50-160
I posted this from yesterday...and got a little push back saying the miniseries was excellent. It WAS excellent. AS ENTERTAINMENT. The problem is too many people (including politicians) take a fictional portrayal and try to make policy.
Nuclear fearmongering is way more dangerous than nuclear power.
HBO’s “Chernobyl” got everything wrong - Radiation not contagious & didn’t kill that baby - No “suicide squad” - Helicopter crash 6 months after accident & unrelated to radiation - Nuclear plants *can’t* go off like bombs Anti-nuke propaganda kills
Tsjernobyl-fiksjon. «HBO’s “Chernobyl” gets nuclear wrong for the same reason humankind as a whole has been getting it wrong for over 60 years, which is that we’ve displaced our fears of nuclear weapons onto nuclear power plants.»
“Chernobyl” is as misleading for what it leaves out. It gives the impression that all Chernobyl first responders who suffered Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS) died. In reality, 80 % of those with ARS survived Yes #Auspol We need #Nuclear Energy & #Thorium
Why HBO's "Chernobyl" Gets Nuclear So Wrong
What HBO's #Chernobyl Gets Wrong via
Interesting article.
“If Hollywood ever decides to tell the true story of nuclear, and explain for viewers the paradoxical relationship between safety and danger, it won’t need to resort to sensationalism. The truth is sensational enough.”
Why HBO's "Chernobyl" Gets Nuclear So Wrong
Facts, fiction, and stuff that HBO's Chernobyl (which I thoroughly enjoyed) apparently got wrong.