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Nearly universal love for Democratic presidential candidate in the comment section for our two-hour sit down: Podcast:
“If you were to raise the minimum wage to 15 dollars, you would hasten the elimination of all these fast food jobs...” Full episode with : YouTube: Podcast:
“You’re team not only reached out to us about being on the show, they said you can say whatever you want, we don’t want any advanced questions...” How long do you think it’s been since a Presidential candidate was taking interviews like this? #YANG
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Fascinating interview. explains more deeply why he supports a UBI (#FreedomDividend) w/ . Andrew Yang LIVE: UBI, 2020 Election, TRUMP | Rubin Report #Andrew_Yang #Dave_Rubin #UBI #Trump
This is why is great, despite the fact that he softballs nuts sometimes. He actually gives the space to talk about ideas. It's not adversarial, it's not gotcha. So much better than traditional media.
Andrew Yang LIVE: UBI, 2020 Election, TRUMP | Rubin Report via
Thanks again to for joining me in studio today. Let’s build some bridges instead of burning them all down! Livestream here. Podcast up shortly: Have a good weekend, Internet people...
2+ hours on Universal Basic Income, Immigration, Identity Politics and more with entrepreneur, author, presidential candidate, and famed party promoter,
Here my most recent interview with Democrat Andrew Yang, : Here’s a recent NY Times cartoon. Which is more likely to lead to radicalization would you say?
Andrew Yang LIVE: UBI, 2020 Election, TRUMP | Rubin Report
Catching up on on ... I find long-form discussions vastly superior to the conventional alternatives in media.