Let me get this straight. You made a Chrome app for public schools. It waits for kids to plug in their phones to charge. It searches the phone for photos, uploads the files to you, specifically to find naked pictures of the kids. On their personal phones.
In the name of safety, America's schools are hastily erecting a massive digital surveillance infrastructure, with little regard for its effectiveness or its impact on civil liberties. "It's similar to post-9/11," said .
Invasive digital surveillance is being deployed in U.S. schools. Gaggle CEO Jeff Patterson: "It’s just the way the world works now. Privacy went out the window in the last five years. We’re a part of that. For the good of society, for protecting kids.”
The article isn't as clear on the point as it should be, but: Mass shootings aren't making this happen. We are making this happen.
NOTE: Although article seemingly says the app sucks up files when personal devices are plugged in to school computers, this could be an imprecise description. It’s conceivable it only triggers when the student uploads the file. I am seeking clarification.