In their opposition to Trump and Christianity, many are turning to the occult and astrology for “resistance.” Read about the witches casting spells for social justice.
In which I write longform for about witchcraft, progressive activism, and the myth of a “secular” age
"Progressive occultism," writes , "has become the de facto religion of millennial progressives." Why today's secular progressives may not be so secular after all.
Paganism redivivus
"secularization is not the inevitable or even the most logical endpoint for today’s Left. Far from it. Rather, we’re looking at a profoundly pagan form of re-enchantment."-
This is a must-read about religion and culture war, from one of the most interesting cultural journalists around.
Ive noticed this in woke CanLit circles. People will discuss their pronouns and astrological sign in the same breath. As far as I can tell, it's not some ironic hipster revival of grocery-store checkout-line nonsense. They actually are into it
This article by Tara Isabella Burton () scared me & should scare you too. She shows how #occultism has become the Left's answer to organized religion in general, Evangelical Christianity in particular. It's ominous, ugly & dangerous. Spare us.
Excited to be featured on the cover of our new issue! Includes: The Demon in Analogy, by yours truly: The Rise of Progressive Occultism, by : and Who Are the Greeks?, by :
"Progressive occultism—the language of witches and demons, of spells and sage, of cleansing and bad energy, of star and signs—has become the de facto religion of millennial progressives".
Cultural appropriation endgame: Witchcraft was invented by middle-class European lunatics in the 19th century, therefore it rightfully belongs to socialism, which was also invented by middle-class European lunatics in the 19th century. (via )
This is the most interesting piece of journalism I read this week. And it has been a hell of a week.
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