Mr Murdoch has spoken. Boris Johnson will be king! Last week, Sunday Times gave us an ‘exclusive’ advertisement for Trump. This week it’s Johnson. Murdoch, Trump, Bannon, Farage, Johnson: Britain this is your Brexit. A soft coup happening in plain sight
Boris Johnson ran the Brexit referendum campaign on a platform of false promises and empty rhetoric. It looks like his campaign to be Prime Minister is no different.
Boris Johnson evokes Greek mythology in his leadership bid. He should remember that only Odysseus survived. Half a dozen of his sailors were eaten by six-headed Scylla, and the rest of his crew died later in a storm conjured up by a wrathful Zeus.
A referendum, full of undelivered promises, an unelected new PM, a hung Parl, for 160K Con members (most of who voted for another party) to deliver a ‘No Deal’ Brexit that was never on ballot paper = Democracy A #PeoplesVote = undemocratic. Sure. #FFS
Boris Johnson says it would be extraordinary to write the EU a £39 billion cheque before a final deal is agreed
Boris Johnson today sets out his stall to be prime minister, pledging to deliver Brexit by “retaining” the £39bn demanded by Brussels until he gets a better deal and saying only he can save the country from Jeremy Corbyn and Nigel Farage