In which I address the recent Medium post by "t-philosopher" attacking and others and have a little fun with Justin Weinberg, of Daily Nous fame, among other things.
Funny/alarming piece on the hyperpoliticization of philosophy and the attempt to make the explanatory framework of gender identity non-disputable
THIS—>”Woke philosophy is reminiscent of those histrionic, scripted WWF feuds I used to watch on WPIX in the early ‘80s, by which I mean that it’s such transparently melodramatic bullshit, performed by a manifestly absurd group of clowns” ⁦ ⁦
More and more philosophers seem to be weighing in on the Gender Wars, and I believe that more debate is on the way.
Because it's philosophy, most people don't understand how heated philosophy's civil wars are getting and how much massive disagreement there is about what the field's standards should be on everything from hygienic epistemology to online conduct