Why is the world erupting? This landmark series of dispatches from Europe will open your eyes. has long been one of our best journalists. This may be her masterpiece. A deep, humane, funny portrait that made me see this moment afresh.
Excited to take over The Daily for a week! I traveled across Europe with and to better understand the rise of populism and what Europe means to Europeans today. Here’s the first episode: The Battle for Europe, Part 1
"OMG what was that?"..."That was a TGV, a Train de Grande Vitesse." NYT's "Europe is doomed" podcast series is pretty educational. Learned "Germany is the most important country in the EU" and got answer to q I've pondered for years: "What is pétanque?"
On “The Daily” podcast this week, listen to a special series with about the future of Europe. As nationalist movements sweep the Continent, can the E.U. survive?
The Battle for Europe, Part 1