In a new article, I explain how & I separately poked holes in 's research on marriage & happiness, what the media aftermath looked like, & why Dolan is terrible for academia. NB
Why is Bloomberg News mindlessly promoting a dishonest scientist? I've already set the record straight so far:
“Dolan apparently hadn’t taken the time to learn what his data were actually measuring. One Twitter wag suggested that ‘spouse present’ was the new ‘death recorded.’”
“Dolan’s ‘findings’ about marriage were spread far and wide in the days after the May 25 Guardian article. The Guardian itself repeated the fiction two days later (and again, two days after that), but couldn’t be bothered to correct it.”
I don't always agree with . I think liberal bias is a bigger problem in academia than he does. But I respect him greatly because he always follows the data and often moderates my views (and gives me hope). Check out his new piece.
"Happiness and Academic Malpractice" | on how one academic got the relationships between marriage, money, & happiness very wrong
Once more I tweet my takedown of , because he deserves blanket opprobrium for his academic malpractice: shoddy research, & knowingly promoting fake science. Thanks again for commissioning my article. NB
Otherwise he continued to stick to his guns, as I chronicled in a follow-up article. /9