THE NEW YORK TIMES WILL END ALL POLITICAL CARTOONS I just learned, weeks after they published a syndicated Netanyahu cartoon that caused a scandal. For me, this is the end of an adventure that began 20 years ago. But the stakes are much higher. READ HERE:
LE NEW YORK TIMES RENONCE AU DESSIN DE PRESSE après le scandale autour d'une caricature de Netanyahou par un dessinateur portugais, fin avril. Pour moi, c’est la fin d'une aventure commencée il y a 20 ans. Mais l'enjeu est bien plus important. LIRE ICI:
Very sad news. The NYT caves to the flying monkeys and cans --a great cartoonist. News organizations need to grow backbones and cultivate their funny bones.
Must read by ⁦⁩ ⚠️THE NEW YORK TIMES WILL END ALL POLITICAL CARTOONS❗️« Political cartoons were born with democracy. And they are challenged when freedom is.» #PressFreedom #FirstAmendment
Apparently, New York Times is getting rid of their political cartoons. Someone's feelings were hurt.
As some of you know, the late caricaturist David Levine (⁦⁩ et al) was my stepfather. He would be utterly appalled at the decision by the Times. The end of political cartoons at The New York Times |